Well sir, you were correct! O.T.'s is the best sauce I have tried since moving to California in 1967.  I only wish the "hot" version was available at Safeway, as I am a fan of the spicier stuff.  But, hot or mild, you have gained a customer for life! And I will definitely spread the word to the rest of my family and friends who like to "Do the Q" as we say at our house. 

Thanks for introducing me to your terrific product!

I believe and my wife who says, "it ain't BBQ without O.T.'s" is the best sauce on the market! -Seattle

We LOVE your O.T.'s BBQ Sauce.  It's the only one I've ever found that I even like.  -Hawaii

O.T.'s is the greatest.  Just brought back from California 7 bottles of sauce.  NO COMPARISON TO ANY OTHER SAUCE.  Been a Raiders fan since 1970. Loves Jack Tatum. -Florida

I have been enjoying O.T.'s since Otis Lawson sued to serve it to his staff at Sutter SOlano Medical Center.  I love it! And share it with friends and family aike! -Iowa